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Well its come down to my favorite monnth October. I like it so much because it deals with the paranormal a month when everyone doesn't seem to mind ghosts and ghouls. This year I am feeling down I guess its because I have no one in my life. Sure I have friends and family but I want love and it never seems to happen to me. All my friends have someone they like and those people usually like them in return. As for me the people I like are either straight or don't just like me or even in some cases vanish entirely. I just wish this year would be the good year and end my strain of horrible luck and news. I just wish things could go back to about 4 years ago when I had everything going for me. People I loved and a awesome group of friends I guess it shows life goes on and things change. I hope I get someone to love I asked some of my friends to help me find someone and either there is no one out there for me or no one is trying. I noticed life is like that though you ask for help from people or a favor and some people do it but others don't. Whenever they need a favor you help them but in return you get nothing.

On a sidenote SAW comes out 5 on Oct 24th the day after me and some friends go to the fair. I might skip the fair and see it then.