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I remember where I was on 9/11. I had woken up that morning and my talked about planes and the trade center and I didn't know what was happening. Before 9/11 happened I didn't even know who or what the twin towers were. I couldn't even had told you where they were located at. I remember watching MSNBC at that time or CNN and how a plane had hit the towers and I remember before I headed to school the other plane hit but I didn't see it when it did. I got to school and some kids were freaking out and scared they wanted to go home. School went by normally, first hour we talked about it and watched it on the news. At first it didn't hit me or I didn't feel sadness maybe its because I didn't know where the towers were or didn't know anyone in New York. Sometimes reflecting on that I look back and think maybe I am not a patriot because of that. One thing I think about when it comes to 9/11 is how stupid the government was before it happened. They had reports of terrorist attacks and they seemed to ignore it maybe they thought they were false but even CPS says to report someone if you think they are abusing a child. Thats another thing that bothers me in away everyone who seems to do a bad thing is called a terrorist. I think one thing we learned is to check our facts, and listen when people say things. Looking back at security and stuff I think security hasn't gotten any better. I wonder what you guys think has security gotten any better. Also a another question, do you feel any safer flying these days compared to maybe after 9/11.
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