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Rocky Horror Remake??

Ok so with the news of Saw having another movie and Ghostbusters 3 and you figure Transformers is going to have another movie. I figured we could talk about remakes of movies. Personally myself I like the Dawn of The Dead remake better then the original. Maybe I don't see what the other people see in the movie or anything but to me finding out more about the characters was more fun. Also add that the remake was more modern then the original one. I didn't see Mrs. and Mr. Smith but that was a remake and I heard it was decent. Then another remake I saw was House Of Wax I thought it was creepy and it scared me in some scenes. I must say some remakes I love and others I don't. There is news of a new remake I found that I hadn't heard yet I think it can be good or bad depending on whats changed and the actors.

Apparently they are making a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. My thoughts on this are whats gonna change and how will it also stand up to the orginal. Hopefully they get somebody good like they had like Tim Curry. Who knows but we will have to keep an eye out for this.
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