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Its kinda funny how when you get a haircut how it makes you feel like a changed person or makes you feel confident. Last night Kris imed me and asked if I wanted to spend the night and hang out , plus he wanted me to help him wash his dog Merlin, so I said sure. So we played alot of games mainly Zelda for Gamecube, then we also talked some. I am trying to figure out what he wants for his birthday, my stimulus comes in about 3 weeks so i figure i will get it know and get it done early. His birthday is December 4th. I figure I will get him Mercenaries 2, Spore and maybe something else. This morning we went downstairs to give Merlin a bath and Kris decided not yet then he brought up cutting my hair. I had asked him before if he would and even while I was hanging so he said possibly. So he cut my hair and gave me a crew cut, I think it was done really good and this is the shortest I had my hair before. He also told me this is the first time he cut someone elses hair he did a good job for that. We eventually gave his dog Merlin the bath and Merlin didn't seem to like it. I guess some dogs like it others don't.

If you want to see the new haircut pic it is in my myspace pictures which you can find off my profile off of the following link
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