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Jo-Jo's Alley

Once again Lisa, Kris and me hung out. This time we hung out at Kris's pool, me and him went swimming. It was fun swimming at night the water was a little nippy but it was like 80 degrees. We also drove around for a bit and got to see Lisa's apartments they look nice. While driving around we listened to some of her music. We also went to this road that is supposed to be haunted, it is supposed to be called Jo-Jo's Alley. Apparently the story goes when you drive down the road you see white lights chasing your car and hear banging on the roof. So far me and Kris been down it 3 times with nothing happening so far. We plan on going back and possibly having a video recorder or something to see if we catch anything. We like the paranormal I think I am more into it a bit more then him. He is like the scientific person and I am the researcher. When we weren't talking I met some friends on a site called Blog TV and it was a paranormal show. I was pretty good at researching things that we discussed and could usually find out a lot of info right away. I always liked the paranormal since it mystifies me especially ghosts more then anything. One thing my dad told me when he was alive is that he would come back if he could and give me a sign there was ghosts. I think soon I will share what I think is proof ghosts or spirits are real. One thing that gets me is the term ghosts and spirits. Personally myself I think they are a term used for either one actually.
Tags: ghosts, kris, lisa, paranormal
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