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HellO Do You Want To Play A Game

The topic of this is "Hello Do You Want To Play A Game". This famous movie line is quoted by one of my favorite movie villains so to say. A killer who doesn't kill in away but more or less tortures his victims in order for them to learn a lesson about life. I am talking about the one and only Jigsaw. I like the SAW movie series since they could happen in real life and thats why they scare me so much but also why I like them. Anyways me and my friend Nikki were hanging out with my friend Lisa again. We talked alot, really nothing of importance here to mention at this time. Well when I got back home I called Nikki and we were cruising around on IMDB a site I mentioned here. I was telling Nikki about the SAW video game coming out in 09 and also checking to see if there was a new movie coming out soon. I checked Wikipedia next (one of my new favorite sites) and found out something awesome two things in fact. SAW 5 comes out October 28, 2008. Also apparently they are making a SAW 6 movie. Sounds awesome. I have included the link about the SAW movie 5 I should mention it mentions a little of the plot so be warned if you want to be surprised.

On a side note before I end this entry me and Kris are on semi good terms and talking again.
Tags: movies, nikki, saw, wikipedia
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