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We Aren't Going To Take It

So I hung with my friends; Lisa, Nikki, and Kris. We started watching Batman Begins which was good then we took Nikki home and we came back and hung out some more and finished the movie. Eventually it was brought up I was gonna hang with Kris at his place when he took off and it was kinda set eventually he changed his mind and said nah. I was mad because it felt like I was led on and that he changed it out of spite. Maybe I was wrong and I eventually got mad. Well at one point he was ready to leave but I was talking with Lisa, he was ready to go still since Lisa was his ride. Its like I was trying to explain to him that awhile back before he moved to California me and Nikki nearly lost Lisa the same way I lost Kris. In the since a controlling girlfriend stole her away and then we nearly didn't get her back plus she was busy working a lot. He was like well talk to her on the phone I told him I try and never hardly do since she is always working or never answers. The funny thing is if I want to talk to him on the phone he hates it, he would rather talk in person. Well before this disagreement I was laying down and he sits on me and starts rubbing his elbow in my chest which hurt me. I told him to get off and he wouldn't. I have tried to tell him he doesn't know that his strength is more then me and it hurts me but he doesn't seem to listen. Often I thought of just disappear from my friends and just never look back. I would do that with most of them but Nikki, I care to much for her as a friend to leave her. Later today I plan on talking with Kris about this and try to explain him my thoughts, and also to apologize for taking my semi anger out on him.
Tags: feelings, kris, lisa, nikki
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