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A Rainy Emotion

I was thinking back to my previous post where I refer to Kris saying he moves to California and after he said he was going it started to rain. It got me thinking and before I always thought the rain has to do with feelings. I noticed along time ago when it would rain emotions would always be weird. I noticed before it rains, during, or after that my emotions are usually in a high crazy mode, if it makes sense. I used to have a small belief of when it rained that it washed away all the sad, and bad times and brought good ones. Now I think I was wrong and that the rain is more complicated then what we think it is. Look at Katrina and the rain it brought was not good but bad. Like they say water water everywhere. Look at Noah's Ark and what water did during the flood it destroyed things. I remember hearing how water is connected with our thoughts and stuff. Also another thing to consider is we are made up of tons of water and remember the majority of the earth has tons of water. Maybe water is like the slime in Ghost Busters 2 where the slime made people think hatred. Will we ever know what rain and the connection of feelings is.