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A Review of Life

I stopped writing about April or May 07 lets get a recap of stuff since then.

April: Went to pride got in a argument with Kris, we nearly lost our friendship but we managed to fix it and we did a very good job of it. Basically then he flirts in front of me and he knows i likes him but he knows it hurts me. He doesn't mean to do it but its okay we argue about it and eventually everything is good in the end.

May: Kris informs me he is moving to California, the night he did that it rained afterwards. He eventually moves to California and a changed happened in me, myself as a person or soul died when he left.

September: From May to September I worked my ass off at Circle K, a convience store. In the middle of the month I called in one morning and told the manager I quit. I got tired of working my ass off. In the end of the month I flew to California seen Kris met his friends including his soon to be girlfriend Tiffany. She was nice when I was hanging out with her for what time I did.

October: I get back from California on like the first of October. First I tried to applied to job core no such luck I made to much money then even though I didn't. Then one of the worst nights of my life happens, me and Kris were talking and all of a sudden out of the blue he tells me " I never want to talk to you ever again." I told him we would get over it and makeup and he said no we wouldn't. From that point on till December I never talked to him anymore and I fell into a deep eternal darkness. It should be trivial to mention I lost another friend as well before this but still important.

December: I decided to go on Yahoo Messenger one day around the 4th and say happy birthday to Kris. I seen him on and we sorta talked to one another after that.

January: I moved locations kinda staying with my mom and at my grandpas. Up to January till about maybe May, I wasn't as sociable as I normally am.

March: I think it was sometime in March I went on my, myspace. I seen a message that read "it is i kyoles" i knew right away it was Kris since that was his old survivor name. I was excited the message said he would be out in mid march to see me and wanted to hang. Eventually Mid March came along and no Kris. Also it should be noted in March I found out Tiffany was jealous of me and other peoples because of our relationships with Kris.

May: In May or so I found out that Kris and Tiffany came down sick when he was supposed to come out and that he was planning for June.

June: Kris came out we hung out almost everyday he was here and had a great time and just lived like it would never end eventually towards the beginning of July he had to go back to California which he did.

July: I think it was a phone call that gave me an answer but it was Kris, he told me he would be moving back to Arizona. Finally life was coming back to the olden days of yore. He eventually came back and now I am basically trying to pick my life back up and rebuild what I can.


So thats the big events that made me not want to blog, or just write anymore. But like they say if you get knocked down get back up. This time I am stronger and learned what is important to me. I also learned when you get knocked down beware since you come back with more force and power. A new Mark is born with more stories and more insights. Basically look for a more powerful and wise Mark.