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leaving but returning

For some reason as much I always seem to have ended various things like myspace, facebook, runescape, and livejournal. I always seem to come back to them kinda weird in away. I will try and update here and there since I got access to a computer still and next time I might fill in basically a yearworth's story.

Writer's Block: Cryptozoology

Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, el chupacabra—what is your favorite creature that may or may not exist?

So most of the time when I log in I see these writers blocks and they seem ok but I thought this one fit well for halloween on the topic of cryptzoology. The question is which out of the creatures of cryptzoology is my favorite. Mine has to be Mokele-mbembe.

Here is a link to it

Its supposed to be a living like dinosaur thing found in South America. That would be cool if it was really real then we could see what dinosaurs are like.

On a sidenote 13 days of Halloween started this Sunday on the family channel. Scifi has the 31 days pf Halloween happening this month as well. They are having a special ghost hunters live on Halloween Night at Fort Deleware.


Well its come down to my favorite monnth October. I like it so much because it deals with the paranormal a month when everyone doesn't seem to mind ghosts and ghouls. This year I am feeling down I guess its because I have no one in my life. Sure I have friends and family but I want love and it never seems to happen to me. All my friends have someone they like and those people usually like them in return. As for me the people I like are either straight or don't just like me or even in some cases vanish entirely. I just wish this year would be the good year and end my strain of horrible luck and news. I just wish things could go back to about 4 years ago when I had everything going for me. People I loved and a awesome group of friends I guess it shows life goes on and things change. I hope I get someone to love I asked some of my friends to help me find someone and either there is no one out there for me or no one is trying. I noticed life is like that though you ask for help from people or a favor and some people do it but others don't. Whenever they need a favor you help them but in return you get nothing.

On a sidenote SAW comes out 5 on Oct 24th the day after me and some friends go to the fair. I might skip the fair and see it then.

election 08

Hard to think that the presidental election is not far off everyone go out and vote.

Falling Off A Cliff

Currently in my life it feels like I am falling off a cliff. I moved from my moms to my grandpas and it feels so unnatural. I don't like it and wish I didn't move. I can't have friends spend the night. I might not even be able to hang out late at night like I normally like doing. However it is the only place I have. I thought about trying to go to job core again or the military. I just don't know what to do with my life anymore. Also at my grandpas I won't have internet connection but I will try to write whenever possible.



I remember where I was on 9/11. I had woken up that morning and my talked about planes and the trade center and I didn't know what was happening. Before 9/11 happened I didn't even know who or what the twin towers were. I couldn't even had told you where they were located at. I remember watching MSNBC at that time or CNN and how a plane had hit the towers and I remember before I headed to school the other plane hit but I didn't see it when it did. I got to school and some kids were freaking out and scared they wanted to go home. School went by normally, first hour we talked about it and watched it on the news. At first it didn't hit me or I didn't feel sadness maybe its because I didn't know where the towers were or didn't know anyone in New York. Sometimes reflecting on that I look back and think maybe I am not a patriot because of that. One thing I think about when it comes to 9/11 is how stupid the government was before it happened. They had reports of terrorist attacks and they seemed to ignore it maybe they thought they were false but even CPS says to report someone if you think they are abusing a child. Thats another thing that bothers me in away everyone who seems to do a bad thing is called a terrorist. I think one thing we learned is to check our facts, and listen when people say things. Looking back at security and stuff I think security hasn't gotten any better. I wonder what you guys think has security gotten any better. Also a another question, do you feel any safer flying these days compared to maybe after 9/11.

Rocky Horror Remake??

Ok so with the news of Saw having another movie and Ghostbusters 3 and you figure Transformers is going to have another movie. I figured we could talk about remakes of movies. Personally myself I like the Dawn of The Dead remake better then the original. Maybe I don't see what the other people see in the movie or anything but to me finding out more about the characters was more fun. Also add that the remake was more modern then the original one. I didn't see Mrs. and Mr. Smith but that was a remake and I heard it was decent. Then another remake I saw was House Of Wax I thought it was creepy and it scared me in some scenes. I must say some remakes I love and others I don't. There is news of a new remake I found that I hadn't heard yet I think it can be good or bad depending on whats changed and the actors.


Apparently they are making a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. My thoughts on this are whats gonna change and how will it also stand up to the orginal. Hopefully they get somebody good like they had like Tim Curry. Who knows but we will have to keep an eye out for this.



Its kinda funny how when you get a haircut how it makes you feel like a changed person or makes you feel confident. Last night Kris imed me and asked if I wanted to spend the night and hang out , plus he wanted me to help him wash his dog Merlin, so I said sure. So we played alot of games mainly Zelda for Gamecube, then we also talked some. I am trying to figure out what he wants for his birthday, my stimulus comes in about 3 weeks so i figure i will get it know and get it done early. His birthday is December 4th. I figure I will get him Mercenaries 2, Spore and maybe something else. This morning we went downstairs to give Merlin a bath and Kris decided not yet then he brought up cutting my hair. I had asked him before if he would and even while I was hanging so he said possibly. So he cut my hair and gave me a crew cut, I think it was done really good and this is the shortest I had my hair before. He also told me this is the first time he cut someone elses hair he did a good job for that. We eventually gave his dog Merlin the bath and Merlin didn't seem to like it. I guess some dogs like it others don't.

If you want to see the new haircut pic it is in my myspace pictures which you can find off my profile off of the following link

I ain't afraid of no ghost

So some interesting news of a new ghostbuster movie has come out of Hollywood. I was checking and IMDB.com doesn't mention it but I found at least two articles that do mention the movie. I can't wait for this movie to come out and I loved the first two and kinda spooky a couple of entries back I referred to the slime in ghostbusters 2 before i knew the new movie was coming out.

This first article can be found at http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/news/eo/20080904/122057112000.html

It is entitled "Columbia Scaring Up Ghostbusters Revival"

Should be interesting to see who will be in it and what the story will be.

Also as a treat for the die hard fans of Ghostbusters I found a site with lyrics and heres the link for that


stimulus and lies

I went and switched my address to get my stimulus it should arrive in 3 weeks. I was going to go on a possible trip to flagstaff to visit one of Kris's friends with him that goes to NAU(Northern Arizona University). I wanted to go up for one day and then spend the night come back so the trip wasn't so hard on Kris since he would be driving. I called him to discuss plans and his cell died and then I tried calling his home phone and was hung up on. He then said tell me on the computer why when I could talk to him for like 2 minutes him listening and not even talking. He needs to get over his phone thing he doesn't do if it was a chick he was talking to. In some ways I feel disrespected. I offer to spend my money on gas for a possible hotel and gas and he doesn't seem to give a damn really.

Election Time

So I was gonna wait till when the election got closer this year but I been watching the Republic Convention and the Democrat Convention. Personally I am for Obama I think it is because he supports glbtq rights more then McCain. I dislike McCain because he hasn't really done all that much for the State of Arizona which is where I come from and where he lives. I just wish all the politicians would stop calling each other names. In my closing little thing I have a word of advice for anyone. No matter who you vote for or if you are decided just go and vote for whoever you agree with or like if you are able to. Think about your choice also and think what choice it will have on you in the next 4 years. Like I said personally myself I plan on voting for Obama but if McCain wins congrats to him even though I won't be happy.

Jo-Jo's Alley

Once again Lisa, Kris and me hung out. This time we hung out at Kris's pool, me and him went swimming. It was fun swimming at night the water was a little nippy but it was like 80 degrees. We also drove around for a bit and got to see Lisa's apartments they look nice. While driving around we listened to some of her music. We also went to this road that is supposed to be haunted, it is supposed to be called Jo-Jo's Alley. Apparently the story goes when you drive down the road you see white lights chasing your car and hear banging on the roof. So far me and Kris been down it 3 times with nothing happening so far. We plan on going back and possibly having a video recorder or something to see if we catch anything. We like the paranormal I think I am more into it a bit more then him. He is like the scientific person and I am the researcher. When we weren't talking I met some friends on a site called Blog TV and it was a paranormal show. I was pretty good at researching things that we discussed and could usually find out a lot of info right away. I always liked the paranormal since it mystifies me especially ghosts more then anything. One thing my dad told me when he was alive is that he would come back if he could and give me a sign there was ghosts. I think soon I will share what I think is proof ghosts or spirits are real. One thing that gets me is the term ghosts and spirits. Personally myself I think they are a term used for either one actually.

HellO Do You Want To Play A Game

The topic of this is "Hello Do You Want To Play A Game". This famous movie line is quoted by one of my favorite movie villains so to say. A killer who doesn't kill in away but more or less tortures his victims in order for them to learn a lesson about life. I am talking about the one and only Jigsaw. I like the SAW movie series since they could happen in real life and thats why they scare me so much but also why I like them. Anyways me and my friend Nikki were hanging out with my friend Lisa again. We talked alot, really nothing of importance here to mention at this time. Well when I got back home I called Nikki and we were cruising around on IMDB a site I mentioned here. I was telling Nikki about the SAW video game coming out in 09 and also checking to see if there was a new movie coming out soon. I checked Wikipedia next (one of my new favorite sites) and found out something awesome two things in fact. SAW 5 comes out October 28, 2008. Also apparently they are making a SAW 6 movie. Sounds awesome. I have included the link about the SAW movie 5 I should mention it mentions a little of the plot so be warned if you want to be surprised.

On a side note before I end this entry me and Kris are on semi good terms and talking again.


We Aren't Going To Take It

So I hung with my friends; Lisa, Nikki, and Kris. We started watching Batman Begins which was good then we took Nikki home and we came back and hung out some more and finished the movie. Eventually it was brought up I was gonna hang with Kris at his place when he took off and it was kinda set eventually he changed his mind and said nah. I was mad because it felt like I was led on and that he changed it out of spite. Maybe I was wrong and I eventually got mad. Well at one point he was ready to leave but I was talking with Lisa, he was ready to go still since Lisa was his ride. Its like I was trying to explain to him that awhile back before he moved to California me and Nikki nearly lost Lisa the same way I lost Kris. In the since a controlling girlfriend stole her away and then we nearly didn't get her back plus she was busy working a lot. He was like well talk to her on the phone I told him I try and never hardly do since she is always working or never answers. The funny thing is if I want to talk to him on the phone he hates it, he would rather talk in person. Well before this disagreement I was laying down and he sits on me and starts rubbing his elbow in my chest which hurt me. I told him to get off and he wouldn't. I have tried to tell him he doesn't know that his strength is more then me and it hurts me but he doesn't seem to listen. Often I thought of just disappear from my friends and just never look back. I would do that with most of them but Nikki, I care to much for her as a friend to leave her. Later today I plan on talking with Kris about this and try to explain him my thoughts, and also to apologize for taking my semi anger out on him.


I wish luck to everyone who is going to be hit by this recent hurricane and wish the best to the people in the area of it and I hope everyone is safe. Hopefully this time we can learn from Katrina and make it better then what it should have been. Sometimes I wonder is it better to rebuild or move on. Personally if I lived during Katrina time in New Orleans I would rebuild. Kinda never let go of your dreams and stuff.

A Rainy Emotion

I was thinking back to my previous post where I refer to Kris saying he moves to California and after he said he was going it started to rain. It got me thinking and before I always thought the rain has to do with feelings. I noticed along time ago when it would rain emotions would always be weird. I noticed before it rains, during, or after that my emotions are usually in a high crazy mode, if it makes sense. I used to have a small belief of when it rained that it washed away all the sad, and bad times and brought good ones. Now I think I was wrong and that the rain is more complicated then what we think it is. Look at Katrina and the rain it brought was not good but bad. Like they say water water everywhere. Look at Noah's Ark and what water did during the flood it destroyed things. I remember hearing how water is connected with our thoughts and stuff. Also another thing to consider is we are made up of tons of water and remember the majority of the earth has tons of water. Maybe water is like the slime in Ghost Busters 2 where the slime made people think hatred. Will we ever know what rain and the connection of feelings is.


A Review of Life

I stopped writing about April or May 07 lets get a recap of stuff since then.

April: Went to pride got in a argument with Kris, we nearly lost our friendship but we managed to fix it and we did a very good job of it. Basically then he flirts in front of me and he knows i likes him but he knows it hurts me. He doesn't mean to do it but its okay we argue about it and eventually everything is good in the end.

May: Kris informs me he is moving to California, the night he did that it rained afterwards. He eventually moves to California and a changed happened in me, myself as a person or soul died when he left.

September: From May to September I worked my ass off at Circle K, a convience store. In the middle of the month I called in one morning and told the manager I quit. I got tired of working my ass off. In the end of the month I flew to California seen Kris met his friends including his soon to be girlfriend Tiffany. She was nice when I was hanging out with her for what time I did.

October: I get back from California on like the first of October. First I tried to applied to job core no such luck I made to much money then even though I didn't. Then one of the worst nights of my life happens, me and Kris were talking and all of a sudden out of the blue he tells me " I never want to talk to you ever again." I told him we would get over it and makeup and he said no we wouldn't. From that point on till December I never talked to him anymore and I fell into a deep eternal darkness. It should be trivial to mention I lost another friend as well before this but still important.

December: I decided to go on Yahoo Messenger one day around the 4th and say happy birthday to Kris. I seen him on and we sorta talked to one another after that.

January: I moved locations kinda staying with my mom and at my grandpas. Up to January till about maybe May, I wasn't as sociable as I normally am.

March: I think it was sometime in March I went on my, myspace. I seen a message that read "it is i kyoles" i knew right away it was Kris since that was his old survivor name. I was excited the message said he would be out in mid march to see me and wanted to hang. Eventually Mid March came along and no Kris. Also it should be noted in March I found out Tiffany was jealous of me and other peoples because of our relationships with Kris.

May: In May or so I found out that Kris and Tiffany came down sick when he was supposed to come out and that he was planning for June.

June: Kris came out we hung out almost everyday he was here and had a great time and just lived like it would never end eventually towards the beginning of July he had to go back to California which he did.

July: I think it was a phone call that gave me an answer but it was Kris, he told me he would be moving back to Arizona. Finally life was coming back to the olden days of yore. He eventually came back and now I am basically trying to pick my life back up and rebuild what I can.


So thats the big events that made me not want to blog, or just write anymore. But like they say if you get knocked down get back up. This time I am stronger and learned what is important to me. I also learned when you get knocked down beware since you come back with more force and power. A new Mark is born with more stories and more insights. Basically look for a more powerful and wise Mark.
wow its been over a year since i have posted i hope some of the old people read my journal, if they do they do, if not so be it. Way back a year lets see the main things happened. Well my best friend Kris moved to California. He got a psycho girlfriend there and eventually came back this past July. Also back in September I quit Circle K where I was working and been unemployed since then. I also been single since then I found a couple of people I liked but as usual they didn't like me. I have made some cool friends since the olden days when I used to post a lot and I will try to do that more post like I did during the olden days of when I was on Live Journal here. Well I have some things to do but awesome to see everyone that is still here and catch you around.
So I have not posted here in a long time I have just been basically at work and all that fun stuff I went to gay pride it was awesome but other then that there really isn't much but soon I will update with all that not improtant stuff some things have happened and anywhos
so it's been a long time since I have updated look for more to come


I turn 21 on Febuary 4th

what happened when I was born

In 1986 (the year you were born)

Ronald Reagan is president of the US

The US officially observes Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday for the first time

The space shuttle Challenger explodes moments after lift off, killing 6 astronauts and a teacher

A major nuclear disaster occurs at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union

Japanese video game maker Nintendo introduces its games to America

US warplanes bomb Libyan headquarters in retaliation for terrorist attacks

The Soviet Union launches the Mir space station

IBM unveils the PC Convertible, the first laptop computer

Charlotte Church, The Olsen twins, and Lindsay Lohan are born

New York Mets win the World Series

Chicago Bears win Superbowl XX

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Top Gun is the top grossing film

"That's What Friends Are For" by Dionne & Friends spends the most time at the top of the US charts

ALF, the Oprah Winfrey Show, and Pee-wee's Playhouse premiere

downward sprial

my life is going downhill I don't know what to do now that I have no one in my life to love what the hell am I going to do it is driving me insane
Your Love Element Is Earth

In love, you have consistency and integrity.
For you, love is all about staying grounded and centered.

You attract others with your zest for life and experiences.
Your flirting style is defined by setting the scene, creating a unique moment in time.

Steady progress and stability are the cornerstones of your love life.
You may take things too slowly, but you never put your heart at risk.

You connect best with: Fire

Avoid: Wood

You and another Earth element: need each other too much to build a good foundation
Been a while since I posted here don't know what to post about actually. I was thinking of talking about why penguins are evil but nah. I have thought about to contuine writing my stories but maybe who knows about that. i just need to post something even if it is small. Well heres some thought 14 days till christmas yes that means 2 weeks. I have this weird theory that when the new year comes everything will get better for my friends and for me also. Who knows.

Nov. 30th, 2006

once something always goes good in my life it ends just as soon. I hate life and love

Nov. 14th, 2006

So I joined a new blogging group called blogger but don't worry i am sticking with this one and Blogger. I will be doing both at the same tiem with more updates. The link there is http://bigdog5758mark.blogspot.com/ So if you want to feel free to check it out and there might be diffrent things but one of the things on that one is going to be the surviors and not another love story so pay attentions.